Monday, February 02, 2009


Right now, I'm feeling good, really good. Well, actually, I'm feeling lousy - some viral cold/flu shit - but, screw that: I'm feeling good.

Wild-cat strikes in the UK as the unions finally start to regrow their balls...

(the right thing, but for all the wrong reasons, I fear, with the spectre of nationism/protectionism/personal greed looming over what should ideally be a mass-assault on euro-explotative, lowest-margin capitalism. On the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and the 25th anniversary of The Miner's Strike - this is naive of me, I know - but should the TUC not also be supporting the struggles of workers outside the UK in a gesture of solidarity, not isolationism? We should be forging links with workers in the EU; pointing fingers at the bosses, not one another. British Trade-Unions and workers need to make some gestures that show that they stand for something other than mere petty self-interest...)

Riots and protests across Europe and Iceland and even Russia...

And now: the UK is covered in snow...

All we need now are some power-cuts. (I've got me candles all ready to go.)

Is this some weird re-enactment of The Winter of Discontent?

Some sort of staged Funded-Arts/Heritage Project...? A socio-politico-remix of the seventies?

Time to get dialectical, grow beards and huddle in cellar-bars and arts centres. We need some nihilist kino, some brittle, brutally complex, twisty, Brechtian polictico-prog as our soundtrack...

Here's how it used to be done:

(Slapp Happy/Henry Cow: "A Worm is At Work"


Collapse V: The Copernican Imperative is now available.


For those of you who missed Woebot's recent appearance on Resonance FM, here's a downloadable for ya to check.

And rather excellent it is too!