Sunday, January 04, 2009


Doctor A checks in w/ noos of a show tomorrow:

"As a member of Vultures, I'll be playing live Improv at Boat-Ting, Temple Pier, River Thames, London, UK on Monday, 5th January 2009.

Fans of dark ambient with an electro-acoustic twist will be thoroughly entertained by agit prop percussives and strings, bowed beautiful bass, electronica and miscellany. It'll be great. See you there. Vultures is: Will Connor (percussion/contact mics/etc.), Andie Brown (double bass/electronics/etc.) and myself, Anthony Donovan, (autoharp/electronics/etc.).

Also playing the same night: John Russell (Guitar) & Kay Grant (Vocal Electronics); Lol Coxhill (Sax) with Special Guest; Steve Dalachinsky (Poetry) & Thebe Lipere (Percussion)."