Thursday, December 10, 2009


The recent weird spiral lights seen over Norway...

...are likely to be a failed Russian Bulava missile test. (via @Nemonymity )

Now this reminds me of a very early Tales of Suspense Iron Man story in the early 60's where a failed Stark Industries missile launch ended up with the rocket spiraling off out of control. A guidance system chasing its own tail. Moving in ever-decreasing circles.

I don't have the issue in question (too old/too expensive) otherwise I'd scan it - but I'm sure there's a Kirby/Heck picture of a damaged rocket turning a slow spiral - tho I may have a reprint Marvel Collectors Items Classics with it in somewhere. I'll have a rummage.

Interestingly, the Bulava is designed to be the ultimate end-game anti-anti-missile nuke - far more dangerous than anything the Koreans or Iranians could ever even imagine, yet it never, ever gets mentioned as a WMD, threat to the American mainland, etc. Obviously, it has a few teething problems lol; perhaps wh/ is why the US government seems to be so complacently comfortable with its existence. The fact that the Russians are still aggressively developing a new generation of intercontinental nukes (funded by Gazprom revenues?) is kinda worrying when we're all supposed to be pals these days in the War against Terrorism.

Who's the intended target - countries who don't pay their gas bills?

Or is it just the Russian equivalent of the US's Star Wars program - a Cold War 2 white elephant intended to grease politicians palms and the rusting wheels of industry?


At 10:47 am, Blogger Weirdmonger said...

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At 10:49 am, Blogger Weirdmonger said...

Now the Large Hadron Collider is picking up speed day after day, it is possibly reflected in the sky above Norway.

"This might be totally unrelated, it might even sound like some far fetched story but we thought it would be worth mentioning that the spiral in Norway happened hours after a reported large hadron collider experiment. Is the Large hadron collider creating a black hole or a worm hole? "
-- quoted from other source on internet.

Strange that I took the cover photo for CERN ZOO (that reflected the recent 'Berne Zoo' photo) *last year in Norway*.


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