Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have some hideous...disease. It hurts. So I'll keep this brief.

More tomorrow. If I survive The Night of The Sombre Black Moon.

1) The kids round our way have taken to wearing some sort of glo-stik type contraptions inside their hoodies at night, so that their faces are luminated from within the hood. It's pretty lo-budget cinematic-looking and spooky; a logical extrapolation from putting the damn things underneath their cars.

The ones I've seen so far have mostly been a ghastly-(yet also kinda girly-) looking purple/mauve day-glo colour. Perhaps they are girls.

I thought a ghoulish green-glo - or the more trad bluish UV variant - would be creepier and more logical, but what the fuck do I know. I still think Tuxedomoon were pretty good.

I expect kids have been wearing these in London for the last 8 or 9 years.

2) Apparently Van Morrison has just fathered another child. This concept scares me quite a lot, if I'm honest. The idea that the Morrison bloodline might continue on through this century is quite an unpleasant thing to grok. The whole sordid affair sounds like some ill-considered sequel to The Omen.

Omen VIII: The Child of Van.

The creature - sorry, baby - is almost certainly scoring an average of 9.8 on the Ugly Scale. Poor little fucker; it's not his fault.

You can't pick your parents.

3) I have been working. On things...

One of them is a prose / short-story featuring Rose O'Rion, a character I co-created with the mighty Dylan Teague for 2000AD many years ago. The last thing I wrote featuring her was, errrm, 12, 13 years ago - just as I started to get ill. I fumbled the ball badly back then, for various reasons - so this is an attempt to finally do right by her, add some layers to the character and so on.

Anyway, I'm hoping that the story will appear some time next year. More on that if'n when. I'm also hoping to coax Dylan into doing an illo to go with the story - y'know, in the style of one of those old school Pulp SF mags, where stories were often accompanied by an illustration featuring a scene from the story ("Ikthar yelled a warning as the Magnetosphere hurtled towards them.") - tho. obviously I'm thinking of something a bit more modern in this instance lol. It'll be great if this comes together.

Also, been tinkering with a couple of scripts for Open University. Well, I call 'em scripts - they're tiny, to be honest, and more like scriptments where I make a series of dialogue / action suggestions to 2ND FADE and he - quite rightly - cpmpletely ignores them lol.

Seriously, though, he's been doing a great art.job on this and I'm really looking forward to seeing these strips in print at some point. I think some of you will really enjoy this.

I've got a couple other short strip concepts that I've been developing recently and which are now ready to go, but I'm struggling to find the right artists for them, ie people whose style fit the strips and who have actually got some spare time to have a crack at them. Obviously, anyone who's any good is busy making a living and if you're developing something, ie don't actually have a paying venue lined up yet, then folks are understandably unwilling to give up their free time.

Also, been twatting around with some CD cover art in the last couple days. My Non-Boutique Nano-label is almost ready to go. Inaugeral release and all that. Just writing some sort of Anti-Press Release thing for the label, except I'm sick now and need some soup.

Wife's been working, so I've been sat in the corner, hoping the kids will go away while I read some old 1963 issues of The Flash in an attempt to motivate myself. You can't beat John Broome.

4) Happy New Something-or-Other.

When I've stopped gasping for air like a beached lung-fish I'll be ringing some of you. (No, not you, certainly not, not after that incident with the, err, biscuits...)

5) Music. Soon. I promise.


At 6:19 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

i think that when the unholy van-creature emerges it will be full-blown, an adult-sized naked and bloody Madame George. "hey love, you forgot yr glove" indeed.

At 8:34 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...


Actually, yesterday's papers said that it was a hoax - that his website had been hacked - and that he wasn't going to be a dad (again).

But - hey - they would say that, wouldn't they?

word verification: "mite" lol


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