Saturday, December 12, 2009


Some more music for ya:

A rather nice "Tribute to Jack Rose" Broadcast from WFMU 91.1. via Wire man Derek: @derekwalmsley

"Rather nice" - gah, could I get any more twee-ly 'English'? I'll be writing fucking poetry next. In blue biro on my arm.

Deduct -10 Bourgeois Points!

Still, cool mix. My kids like it.


At 7:13 am, Blogger db said...

I gotta say, I'm starting to be a bit offended by how Jack Rose is no longer even *remembered* as being a member of Pelt. It's like the narrative of Rose as Takoma-inspired rootsy troubador is incompatible with Rose the seeker of ecstatic revelatory drone, like that part of his life was a) not *really* what he was about and b) distinct from his acoustic solo work. It just ain't so, and I suspect the fact that Rose (who could absolutely be a difficult sumbitch; I can personally testify to that, though it always felt like that came from him trying to get at some kinda higher truth than a tantrum ego trip) no longer has an opportunity to speak in his own behalf provides an opportunity for certain people to put him in whatever box they feel comfortable with. But that's the case with death in general, I guess.

At 9:00 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Well, I'm to blame for *not* mentioning Pelt as much as anyone - you're right, of course, his solo career didn't just start, fully-formed, as part of some abstract artistic Year Zero and you're quite right to pull me up on it; Pelt were well ahead of the curve - in my defense all I can say is that finding the time to write posts that are as meaty as I'd like 'em to be just ain't possible right now. A guy's gotta earn money to eat sometimes.

I'm also quite happy to speak ill of the dead - witness my sniping obit. of Klaus Dinger lol - but only when I'm in possession of full-on-twatty-behaviour-during-life (see also: John Martyn). I never met Jack, so can't comment.

But point taken on people only seeing what they want to see.

At 6:23 am, Blogger db said...

Oh, I didn't mean this as a slight against your post, I was just making a general comment, a lot of which came from reading Rose's wikipedia bio. Rose was absolutely one of the good guys as far as I'm concerned, and I only mention his being difficult because, for me, that's part of what made his work important -- there's a lot of people out there who play nice early 20th century guitar, but there's not many dudes like Jack Rose, and I think that's the sort of thing which is worth remembering. I'm pretty touchy about this subject lately, tho, so I should be a bit more careful. Your long-overdue hard drive recordings should be on their way tomorrow!

At 9:01 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

No, t'wasn't taken as a slight - I think your comments were completely valid and spot-on, and I'm irked at myself for taking path of least resistance. I think we sometimes revere people in death either too much or for the wrong reasons; it's a defense mechanism, I think, a warding-off hex against our own mortality. We often project onto the dead what *we* want to see rather than what was actually there....I mean, they can't talk back any more, can they? They can't say, "well, actually I was a pretty intense and sometimes angry dude who'd've rather been in a noise band, but I was starting to feel old and you can make a slightly bit better living playing folk clubs and it's cheaper travelling from A to B with just a guitar...." 'Course, I'm projecting shit now, but what was he really like? - I'll never know for sure now.

The world's certainly a sadder place from his passing. But his back-catalogue - of all shades and colours - is still there to be enjoyed.

Make us a Pelt mix, dude.


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