Sunday, November 01, 2009


My old pal, drinking buddy and (very) occasional collaborator - Your Big Artist Shaky Kane - will be doing an interview/Q&A for the Kid Shirt blog in the near future. We'll be talking about all sorts of nonsense, incl. his forthcoming project for Image Comics.

(I love referring to this blog in the third person, as if it's an entity in its own right, which it probably is)

Soooo...if there are any questions you'd like to personally ask the UK's Greatest Living Pop Artist - comicdom's own Man of Mystery - regarding, well, anything...from drawing technique to conspiracy theories, the true story of Aladdin Sane's lightning bolt or binge-drinking with members of Blur; his time in Mickey Dolenz's Circus of Evil; his guest-spots on the Bolan TV show, the tours with Whitesnake and Motley Crue, the kaballistic rituals involving the skull of Black Elvis 3000, etc, etc....then leave your questions in the comments-box along with your name and age.


At 4:45 pm, Blogger Mark said...

What's he been up to since BLACK STAR FICTION LIBRARY anyway?

At 11:08 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Yep: all will be the All-Seeing Eye of Uns.


At 12:12 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Mark - I've sent it to him and he's already done a response. It's wonderful. I'll post it as part of the bigger piece when it's done.

Anyone else. Come awwwn!!

At 7:04 pm, Blogger Matt Badham said...

Looking back, how do you feel about your 2000 AD and Meg' stuff?

At 11:41 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Cheers, Matt! I'll pass it on...

At 7:19 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Yep, he's done that one too.

Any more. Don't be shy.

At 9:00 pm, Blogger Emperor said...

Three from me:

1. Any chance of reprints of your early work (like those from Deadline and Escape)? Looking at the samples of your art for the Bulletproof Coffin, I can see there will be more converts to Shakism and getting hold of your early work is tricky.

2. Reading the interview with David Hine on Broken Frontier I was very introgued to hear about your channeling of Jack Kirby - has that continued? Is there any more you can tell us about it? Any other unusual things happened to you along those lines?

3. Is the Shaky Kane Zone gone? It seems like someone has nicked the domain - is there a new offiical site?

And you know the other usual questions: What next after this, etc>? But I'm sure you are going to ask them anyway.

Cheers for the opportunity and I look forward to reading the interview.

At 6:35 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Already on their way to The Shakster, E.


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