Saturday, October 17, 2009


Following on from yesterday's post:

Here's a pic taken a few days ago of Jayson D hanging gawd-only-knows how many feet up in the air, in a lighting-rig suspension-harness, suspended from one of the legs of U2's Effel Tower-sized stage-set (aka "The Claw") in the new Cowboys Stadium. Jay's in the 'pod' in the middle of the three and was roped in as Bono's personal spotlight-guy.

(Pic courtesy of J's Pal Tom Young)

Long-time readers will be aware that I'm not much of U2 fan, to put it mildly, and if I'd been in the harness - God forbid! - I would've been up there with a fishing-rod trying to lift The Sainted One's hair-piece during the middle-eight of "Levitate" lol.

Still, shit like this endlessly fascinates me - the Carbon-UberPositive Footprint of Big Rock Tours, etc aside - Rock ephemera: the logistics, the infra-structure and tour craft-skills that sit behind the showbiz stuff, the two hours of bangbashkeraangohyeahbaby. Jay said it took two and a half days to set up and dismantle the stage-set.

Two+ hours up in the air in a 'gravity safe' harness and noise-cancelling headphones, tracking Mr. B.Vox and processing complex lighting cues. Next month it'll be a promo.vid for some Texan or some new cool self-funded cinematic project: he's an extremely interesting cat is that Mr. Densman.


At 10:31 pm, Blogger jaysondensman said...

Yeah, they confiscated my compact K-TEL fishing pole and attached glow-in-the-dark devil horns at the backstage entrance. Bastards.


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