Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Coaxed me scanner back into life again for a few minutes, so here's some recent junkshop finds, starting with - well, I'm not a fan of Frank Herbert, but great title and a classic Bruce Pennington cover. I didn't know Bruce was born in Somerset. Class!

(You can't go wrong with New English Library, can you?)

...and ending with an early 60's Israeli-published SF book. It's pretty rubbish, but I looove the fantastic cheaply-produced cover that looks like an early colour Xerox that's been left out in the sun too long. (The digital scan actually makes it look like a *proper* book! In the flesh it's more like an oversized no-budget hand-printed pamphlet) It reminds me of some assorted whacked-out self-published Crank Literature books I've got stashed away here somewhere.


At 6:36 am, Blogger db said...

NICE. I just got a bunch of books back after the funeral, and there's some choice selections in there (the covers of the US paperback versions of Shirley's Eclipse trilogy all have Fabio as the model, it's pretty hilarious) along with the recent big stashes I've picked up which I've been meaning to scan when I get a chance. Also must take pictures of the Xtian apocalypse rant vinyl I've scored recently.

Word verification: acistsme, or a superhero whose power is a sentient skin condition which secretes various forms of pus useful in crimefighting. Very big among the 12 year old set.

At 9:29 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

"all have Fabio as the model..."

Jeez: actually, that's pretty funny-scary.

Imagine him doing cheap Gothic Horror Novel covers as he gets older and older, the hair receding and once-muscled skin wrinkling and collapsing like bad time-lapse photography...

Acistsme = ("A-Cyst-Me"; "Assist me!"; etc LOL)


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