Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"Jarvik Mindstate" - the debut 'album' by the forward-thinking Bristol-based producer Peverelist is due to drop any day now and - unsurprisingly - it's rather wonderful: an emotive and futuristic collection of beats influenced by...well, pretty much everything from early Detroit Techno and Jungle through to the post-Garage 2003-2006 era of classic Dubstep. It's bold and ambititious and you really should buy this when it comes out. It's Next-Level Shit, innit.

Pev sees this as more of a collection of tunes - "a snapshot in time" - rather than an album in the traditional sense of the word. Though I reckon it all sits together very well as a body of work.

Pev can be found here, on Blackdown's monthly Pitchfork column talking about "Jarvik Mindstate".

I guess this is the point at which I should probably mention that I, uh, created the album cover artwork (which was then beautifully laid-out and assembled by John). There's a small taster for it at the top of Martin's column.

Many thanks to Pev for asking me to do this; it was v. cool and flattering that he trusted me with this task - and also pretty brave of him to try and break some visual molds as well as musical ones.

...Oh, and while I'm here, just a quick reminder for you to also score a copy of Blackdown's excellent "Concrete Streets" 12" - a record that I've mentioned before and which is a firm favourite inside the Tardis-like interior of Kid Shirt's micro-sixed 1973 pocket-universe.


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