Friday, October 30, 2009


It's been a while since I've seen any bloody hand- or (!!!) foot-prints on the hallowed highways and walls of Ye Olde Yeovil Towne (not as uncommon as you might think! And, unsurprisingly, I'm still keeping me eyes (and mind) open for the occasional outbreak of Devil's Hoofprints or Spring-Heeled Jack type bootspore; anything's possible in the Alt.Yeovil Myth.Space), but this caught me eye yesterday:

Kinda intrigued about the back-story here. Is it a "Let me out!!!" type deal, or a "Lemme in!!!". A rather wide finger-span too.

And is that blood or, uh, something else?.

The wall in question is pretty old. Late 1700s, I think.

I'll let you, dear reader, be the judge.


At 2:22 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

i'm gonna vote for "lemme out" on that one, and being pulled down rather than away. ugh.

At 7:11 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Oooh, nasty. Yeah: the Dragged Down Option....

At 4:02 am, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

Oh 'ell, that's Cackhand™, the gestural interface that comes with Walls® 7.

At 7:36 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...


Now, that's interesting: I thought Cackhand - as in cack-handed (awkward) - was a West Country Uk expression. Seems it's travelled further afoot lol. Maybe it went over on the Mayflower. A hand covered in cack - literally.

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

I worked gigs in Prestwick and East Kilbride back in the 90's, when I used to write jet-engine-testing software. I picked up a bunch of idioms along with a taste for Irn Bru.

At 8:09 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

"Irn Bru" LOL!

Ah, Scotland! Gotta love Irn Bru.


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