Sunday, October 11, 2009


Some design work stuff: Errr... The skull of W. G. Grace. "It's a Kek Project" lol.

The stuff I chuck at him would be enough to make most people weep, but he just gets stuck in and chips away at it, chisels it into shape.

He's a game old lad - a hard grafter - is that 2nd Fade bloke.

This one'll be a corker once we eventually wrap our heads around it.

Hopefully, our Colin Tubb strip will be appearing soonish too...

I seem to have drifted into writing comics again - it's kinda accidentally intentional; I've sorta let it happen to me rather than chase it, so things seem to be developing organically, at their own pace...

I seem to have four, maybe five things that have suddenly semi-concurrently popped into my head w/out me wanting them too, which is always the best way. They're all different too. Some will fizzle out, I'm sure, but comics have started interesting me again, for the first time in a while. I even *ulp* fancied drawing one again, but I really don't have the time right now.

I think my daughter's enthusiam for illustrated strips and stories is partially responsible for reigniting the pilot-light. Dan Poeira's also partially to blame.

I've been mainly thinking terms of small stuff - it initially started off with the idea of two- or three-panel newspaper style things built as micro-arcs or recurring themes: iterations and repetitions...running jokes that slowly shift. You can't beat Charles M Schulz. Or Krazy Kat. Or, uh, Doonesbury.

I wanted to start tiny; go old School. Then something else came along that suggested a one-page format - a series of 5-panel slow burn gags with an existential twist. I was enjoying keeping it small, y'know: Anti-Spectacle. It's Counter-Intuitive.

When everyone else goes Graphic Novel on yo' head, then slowly walk away and head off in the opposite direction.

Start from scratch, strengthen yr skills. Tighten up.

Small and slow.


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