Thursday, October 22, 2009


"Stories of The Old": 'n earlier EP by Fricara. Can't remember when exactly this came out; earlier this year? Last year? Having a senior moment.

On "Bianca's Beachparty" an Escherstaircase of synthetic saxophones march alongside a Glitter-Band-in-a-Roland-Groovebox stomp; this doesn't make me think of beaches particularly but rather a high-spirited processional hike through the foothills of Switzerland, everyone holding halberds, the flags of imaginary dukedoms being waved, etc. It's all very jolly and good-natured.

"Upsidedown Wind" is more ponderous-sounding and slightly dissonant, like The Residents covering the theme tune to, uh, Bagpuss or summat. A squeaky/squawky quasi-acidic synth doodles over something that might have once been an Eno piano-line from 1974. The Winkies are nodding out in the background. Effortlessly melodic-yet-tuneless; I looove tracks that seem to so easily straddle the unstraddle-able. Quantum music: there is either a tune or not-a-tune depending on which direction you look at it from. On paper this really shouldn't work, let alone sound so terrific.

At half-time it's: Finland 2 - England 0

"Text-message From Beyond" starts off sounding like a cat with an itch it can't scratch. There's Rave on a couple miles down the road; I can hear the bass-bins and sampled stabs underneath bubbling synths and some sort of gtr duel between Bob Fripp and one of Eno's old treated 'Desert' Guitars.

Maybe I should play this at 45rpm: oh no! That's just completely mental lol! Mental, but scarily plausible. Hi-hats sound like sandpaper. After a while it sounds like a copy of the Guitar Hero 18 game come to life. Bweee-neoooow-wruuumng. Careful with that axe, Pacchu.

Comes with a rather fantastic book of (I think) Fricara's drawings, paintings and found photos, etc. Tho I wonder if Roope might've also had a hand in helping to assemble this?

Can't remember where I bought it. Fonal, probably.


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