Friday, September 11, 2009


Crikey. A whole week nearly gone by already. Where did all that time go, eh?

No, really, I mean that literally: where did it all go?

Does it fold back in on itself somehow? Get recycled - reused as future moments? (Does Time have a zero-chronal imprint?) Or did it dissipate/evaporate? Go Pffft into the aether?

Does it stay where it is, watching us move further and further way or do we somehow remain stationary while it drifts away from our own point of view? Are we stuck in U2's accursed Eternal Moment (jeez: what a fucking nightmare thought: endless optimism; how depressing's that?) - a never-ending Now - while the Past feels away from us, curling off into a spiral, like the skin of an apple that's being peeled.

Or are we rotating on some unimaginable n-dimensional 'shape' in which Time is just one possible vector? Personally, I like to think that everything - every moment that ever was/will be is happening simultaneously (when viewed from outside - whatever "outside" means) tho that's just a personal preference. Something that gives me some vague sense of comfort.

People considerably cleverer than me have thought about this far deeper and longer than I'm prepared to without coming to any real conclusion, so I'm happy to just make up something that works for me and stick to it until I change my mind or have it changed for me.

But is last week still out there somewhere? Does it persist in some other Context, stacked up against all those other weeks that somehow floated past me?

"Helloooo, laaaast week - are you there!?"

Or have you really gone forever?


At 12:00 am, Blogger Daniel Poeira said...

Ask the fishes inside the river where did all that water go.

"Water? What is that?"

At 12:03 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Last time I asked a fish a question, he just kinda looked at me...


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