Friday, August 14, 2009


In a strange place right now - no, not Yeovil lol. But a strange place nevertheless.

"In a strange place..." Who was the last person I heard use that phrase? Oh, James V/VM. More on him in the next few days.

No, I am between a rock and a soft place right now. The soft place is the future - malleable, nebulous and mist-like; a swirl of unformed potentiae. Big Changes are on the cards - Big Changes and Conflicts - even the Womans Own horoscope agrees - but what and when?...well, no one knows. Is this the end of The Kek-w Canon? Do I become someone/something else? Well, probably not; I just like a bit of drama, innit.

I like Change. I need Change. Like James Taylor needs a sad song.

Must get those friggin' books finished and out. And a bunch o'other half-finished/half-baked projects that have been lurking around for a year or two also need polishing off and ejectin' out into the world. Clear the decks for a fresh start; a New Era. My era.

The Kekazoic.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Sidmouth for the day.


At 11:01 pm, Blogger 2ND.FADE said...

Heh... the emergence of Kekocene Man or the re-emergence of a ghost taxonomy? - I shall watch with interest

I take it we're getting more than squids or moths this year?.... make it something I can draw though.... (I don't want you going all many-angled or tesseractal..)

Seriously though - I guess from comments in emails this might be linked to matters of non-trivial proportion out in the meatspherical substructure - so I hope everything's ok.....


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