Monday, August 10, 2009


These cool-looking origami bird inserts come courtesy of those nice folks at the Flemish label Zaag Machien:

These are part of the packaging for a soon-to-be-unveiled new Ice Bird Spiral release that the Zaagfolks are putting out. The working title is: Kraakplast 1893 (Unlive/Dead) - a sonic re-imagining of our set at Kraakfest earlier this year. No, it's not a Live Album...y'know some quickly bashed-out contract-filler like bands used to release back in the day (tho some of 'em were fun!); no, it's a --- ah, well, you'll have to buy it to find out.

I'm listening to a mix of it right now and it's sounding pretty fucking disturbing...

Earlier today I described Part Two as "a cross between some sort of Dada Happening from 1917 and a field-recording made in the suburbs of Hell." But I forgot to mention the early 60's Musique Concrete bits or the evil, squabbling Radio Children.

Part One is prob. less, er, terrifying, but equally unhinged, an interlaced piece w/ echoes of Psych, Drone, sculpted Noise, Old Skool Brit Industrial, etc running through it, w/out sounding too much like any of the above. I'm very pleased at how our sound - whatever it is - has really started coming together on recent releases like the Funeral Folk one or the forthcoming one on Scumbag Relations. (More info on this soon) I like doing these longer, multi-layer'd, more elaborate pieces - they feel more like weird kinomatic narratives than 'songs' or jams. Tho - just to contradict myself - there's also an album of 'shorter' pieces (varying from 1 to 8 minutes) in the works that's pretty schizophrenic - or rather MPD - in the ground it covers. We're also thinking about doing a DVD soon, too. Anyway, more on all this soon...


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