Thursday, August 06, 2009


Colin Tubb: He Talk in Dub...

Yeah, the strip's title was a deliberate play on Beano/Viz character.ident shorthand, but it also sounds - in retrospect - like part of a Rap/Toast. We debated the title endlessly. "Like, is that too, uh, obvious?"

More sketches, this time featuring Colin's pal Vic. I think 2nd.Fade'll be running a short series of bits n pieces incl. some Non-Canonical drawings. Keep visiting. Please check out the strip when it appears in Woofah; I think you'll enjoy it.

Vic started out as a gangly raver.boy, but in more recent droodles he's slowly morphed into a sort of Camden Indie.Mod; the boy's changing, see? I think he's on the pull now - looking to inpress those college chickies and club.birds - even tho Colin's his bestest blud he needs to work off those hormones somehow. Will he ever pull? Well...

Colin always seems kinda beatific; forever in his own little private bubble of Colin-ness. I think he's content with who and what he is, but Vic's a lot more restless, twitchy, animated. He moves around enough for the two of them. What I really like about the pair is their total unpremeditated haplessness. They're too unselfconscious to be chancers. And that unspoken blood-brudder bond of theirs is pretty endearing too.

Colin only ever speaks in Dub. He's got an echo-repeat unit in his head; a synaptic miswiring. Musical Tourettes. Who knows what he's really thinking - are his thoughts encoded in some arcane analogue logic-loop, or is his DubTalk just the equivalent of a nervous teenage stutter?

Ah, but that smile speaks acres.


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