Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Man Like 2nd.Fade posts the first batch of his initial design sketches for Colin Tubb - the soon-to be-legendary character n comic-strip that we created - oooh, when was it, A - last year some time?

I ought to post an excerpt from one of my rambling emails, just to prove that I actually did contribute something to this process other than sitting around in a smoking jacket and a cravat pouring myself large whiskeys lol. Bloody artists - everyone thinks they do all the hard work. But we know better, don't we, kids?

I think I mentioned before that we came at this from a post-modernist angle and did the merch first before the strip. Yep, we sold our soul to The Man before we even started. And who should buy a tee in the States but someone who turns out to be one of Mr. Bauler's friends! It's a scarily small world populated not by people, but coincidences.

The rather excellent Colin Tubb T-Shirts are still available from our friends at Highrise: you should go and buy a couple dozen and make Chris a multi-millionaire so that we can sue him.

Colin Tubb has a friend/sidekick (or is Colin his sidekick; I never quite figured it out) called...ah, but no doubt 2nd.Fade will be posting some more drawings in the coming days, so I won't spoil the fun.

The Colin Tubb strip will be making its debut in issue #4 of Woofah. Due any second now!

Buy the magazine, buy the T-Shirt, buy the chest-rub. Buy the sneakers, the compilation album and the trade graphic novel. Do not buy pirated Colin Tubb merchandise, especially those airbrushed picture-mirrors and the, uh, toothbrushes from Taiwan. They're not actually toothbrushes, if you catch my drift.

At last! British Urban Bass Music finally has the comic strip it deserves!

Meanwhile, A and I are discussing a new strip that involves *******.

No, not "fucking".


At 9:00 am, Blogger 2ND.FADE said...

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At 10:46 am, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Hello there Kek. Have you seen Genesis P O's new films on his web-site? I am deeply concerned as my daughter has taken to re-enacting them,especially the manic laughing one where Gen runs through the door. Very funny. Check them out. Have you got the totem album?

At 7:57 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Oh, 2nd.Fade's gone all shy on me...

Molly Bloody Bloom! How are you, Molly?

Can't say I've been following the recent exploits of Ol' Gen Saggyboobs... the reformed TG stuff hasn't exactly been floating my boat to be honest. Some of it's a bit, well, weak, I think - certainly that last 'tour' CD - it was pretty dull...but that's just my opinion and I know a lot of peeps have been enjoying their new stuff. *shrugs*

At 9:37 am, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

I was just thinking about you all and thought I would pop by. I always get strange looks in Selectadisky when I go rooting around on the floor looking for Fact hoping that the great Kek (or I am not Kek) will be in there. What are you doing snuffling around on the floor? they say. I just say that I'm hanging around with the sticky stuff and fluff.Happy days to you.

At 8:39 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

LOL! Bless ya...

FACT no longer publishes the paper edition - only a website - so those back issues are destined to become classics; they're a really cool resource for music of all shapes n strips.

I haven't done anything for FACT for a couple months as I'm trying to finish up a bunch of writing projects, plus some other things in different media. (says Kek, sat here blogging...)

At 12:16 pm, Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Oh goody! Collector's items!! I'm a sucker for anything like that. I'm glad you're still doing all the writing - you'll have to let me know when anything comes out. By the way, I moved out of where I was working before to another building and I found the music to Sleepy Shores the other day. I still must get round to putting that down for you. Lax....I'm lax...sorryxx

At 5:15 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

"Sleepy Shores" - that's "Owen MD", right?

Oh, yes, please: I'd looove a piano version of that for the comp. album I'm putting together. If you're able to record something, then I'd love to hear it.

"I'm glad you're still doing all the writing - you'll have to let me know when anything comes out."

There's a bunch of paperbacks out. With more on the way. I must do a bit of self-promotion and put them up on the blog at some point...


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