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1) Ages old.
2) Vapaa are Finnish; all Finnish bands have great names.
3) Finnish bands are great.
4) Keijo Virtanen is involved.
5) It's on Ikuisuus.
6) Surprised to find they've not been mentioned on Kid Shirt before. Think there's a CD-r of them sitting around here somewhere; also tracks on comps.

(It's a giant lady/weird perspective kinda deal)


Got the shivers, see? And it sounds like distant machine-gun fire. A rattling radiator accompanying a wheezy Casio church organ, filtered by temporality and tapestretch.

(no, wait: it's a drum-kit; the rat-a-tat-tattle of hi-hat stands and snareskins vibrating to P.A. hummm; a drummer arising from slumber.)

Keyboards resolve themselves into discrete sounds - hearing a foghornorgansound now; a brief chord swell occasionally repeated; a ship coming home.

The drummer starts sounding like a drummer; tapping around the kit, doing drummer-stuff. A sound somewhere between a flute, a whistle and a recorder; or is it feedback? A synthesiser? All hail the indeterminate.

There's a guitar in there too; it's starting to almost sound like a, errr, Free Rock Jazz Art Jam. Y'know, almost 'proper' rock stuff. An almost-band. But still 'tastefully' lo-fi-restrained and on-the-leash, til it's time to kick off the slippers and stretch out a little. So weird hearing a drum-kit again, after...after all these...days.

Later, there's a high-end keyboard-sound - not-quite shrill, like a lady glass-rubber - but the tones do something to my earbrain and I feel the goosebumps a-popping; it's a frequency thing. I get like this in libraries and around certains types of road-drill. It's in my DNA.

Bob Dylan floats by in Zero-G, underpinned by a burring lo-octave buzz. "Oh, Maaaaaaama, could this be theeeee - " Now things fragment: snippets of a sea-shanty, plus the megawatt pulse of a nearby power-station.

A string-machine shuffle that could almost be the intro to an old House record. But it becomes a plinkyplonky pub-piano instead. Tho quite later.

(I looove it when there's no name for things)

At one point it sounds like the band is playing backwards: live and backwards - how is that even possible?

'Jazz' showband flurishes on the kit - like a stripper's swinging her tassles inside a cake - over a grinding roil that sounds like an endless tidal surge. Is that "God Save The Queen"? - played like a monkey stumbling over the right sequence of notes after eight million years on the ivories.


It begins with a shopping-centre. Cymbal clink; someone making a 'ghost' noise.

Buses drive past. People pretend to be cats.

We drift into a tunnel in our little boat. Natives howl and carry on from the opposite shore.



Shining liquorice pianowork, the Burundi Drummers on a budget.

I really like this; it's like a Non-Canonical Amon Duul. Elements of "Phallus Dei" vie for attention with more formalised sound.elements from a later '71/'72 line-up.

It's lovely.



later, maybe.


Late-period Can jam with mid-period Can. In a drain.

Hemorrhoidal Karoli guitar strainings emerge from a ritualistic papier mache anus. Pecussive Jaki L clicks and sr.rolls; a minimal version of "Smoke". Irmin can't get his car started.


At 1:32 am, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

Okay: Burundi Drummers, Amon Duul, and this little gem: "Late-period Can jam with mid-period Can. In a drain." I'm sold. Gonna get it.

At 1:30 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

'Tis def. lo-fi, Jase - in the best sense of the term. Recommend you check their MySpace; allsorts of cool CD-rs and stuff lurking there.

At 5:35 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

will do, pallie!


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