Sunday, July 05, 2009


Punch Drunk vinyls are so much heavier than their fellow Bristol labels - not metaphorically, but physically...the Guido twelve feels like it's made from dwarf-star matter. Or a 1959 Webern LP on Colombia. Almost impossible to lift. Have had to get local engineering firm to create a special test-rig to even play it. Our house has sunk deep into the earth since that record moved in - like that old ish of Tales of Suspense where Iron man ended up in the Mole Man's realm, at the bottom of an impossibly deep Stark Industries-funded drill-shift. Ah, Gene Colon.

Tom Ford's not a big guy, but he weighs in at 126,000 kilos. The Rooted Records shop has had to be underpinned by girders to stop Stokes Croft collapsing into the River Avon. Chris' T-shirts are heavier than a B&Q paving slab; no wonder everyone walks reet funny up the Gloucester Road. Knees buckling under the weight of superdense cotton.

A funny place, Bristol.


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