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Recent sparcity of bloggage mainly due to immersion in The (Official) George Lucas Project - not its real name o'course (that's a Non-Kek Secret) but it'll do for now. And, no, it's not fucking fan-fiction.

Anyway, this is all chudderin' along v. nicely, tho still a fair bit to go. Kek'm not the fastest of writers - and neither am he a slowcoach - ah, but those young turk Bizarros, some of whom recently chalked up 100 pages in a three day marathon *sigh*...well, guessing that most of 'em ain't got kids, etc, etc. Moorcock usedta write some of his early SciFant stuff in short-ish 10-14 day bouts and Keruoac, well, you know...

Kek's research has led him into all sorts o'interesting areas aside from Canonicity/Non-Canonicity (carpentry, animatronic puppetry, the post-structuralists, etc), so the damn thing'll eventually either make a major splash or get him sectioned or sued. Could go any way. The trick is not to lose yer nerve with these things.

Now, one of the story's main characters has to build something - a construct that's been designed within narrowband conceptual parameters, using non-metallic pseudo-early-80's tech, soooo decided it might be fun to try'n figure out how such a thing might have possibly be constructed back then in The 'Real' World. 'Course, it's not really feasible to make such a device, buuu-ut: if you were trying to do this back in the day, how might you approach the problem?

Luckily, one of my friends is a former aeronautical engineer (now on wheels) who just happened to do his doctorate back in the mid-80s, so he let me raid his dissertation for clues to the sort of background tech available in that era:

Yes, yes, I know: 'tis only a piece of fun fiction, but stuff like this helps 'me' Kek could happily read 'tific papers n academic.lit til the cows come home. He was raised on Jack Kirby and The British Journal of Microbiology. Looove the dry descriptive narratives that inhabit these sort of texts - they're not plot-less, but Total Plot, w/ implicit characters, goals, values, etc - the footnotes, references, indices, hyperlinks to other secret knowledge: this is SubMetaFiction, part of some vast HyperNarrative that dwarfs the imagination.

Viral genetics get me off every time; they come complete w/ their own set of beautifully mind-boggling asthetics; it's as elegant as any great whodunit or piece of 'experimental' prose fiction. Intelligent Design: don't make me laff. Life is self-assembling, innit. Systems tend towards unimaginable levels of stacked hypercomplexity and sometimes you just have to sit back and dig the Nth-ness of it all.

Reading's fun. Learning's even better.


At 5:19 am, Blogger db said...

YES. Back when I used to work custodial at the UofIowa medical building (which I should write about at some point) I swiped boxes and boxes of obscure medical journals and slides out of the recycling -- did the same when I copyedited medical books, just hooked on the weird syntax -- I didn't really *understand* much of this stuff, but phrases like "shotgut midgets v. malformed midguts in VXX-I segment" scratched my Ballard itch. And don't feel bad about working slow -- I've been putting ASOFE together for twentyfive freaking years (it's just ridiculous at this point). Stoked to read this!

At 8:56 am, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Thanks! This is great to hear; sometimes you feel like you're shouting into a well, thinking "am I the only one that thinks/gets this...?" And if you tell friends over a beer they just look at you as if to say, okaaaay...

When I did my degree in the late 70s I studied in the Bristol University Medical School Library, wh/ was rammed with medical journals of all shapes n sizes: reconstructive and plastic surgery journals that would've even made TG and the early 'indistrialists' weep - stuff that you can't even imagine could happen to a human being, but wrapped in the most sterile, unemotional text - like you said - 'a Ballardian Itch'...and texts on mycology, virology, obscure algae species - you name it - thousands upon thousands of arcane publications, all part of some enormous, never-ending body of 'work' - thousands of contributors - The Human Project.

At 6:07 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

sounds awesome - i too wish to scratch my "Ballardian itch" and a fictional incorporation of jack kirby and The British Journal of Microbiology might just do the trick. aside: have you read kenji siratori?

At 7:26 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Bits and pieces, but nothing substantive. I think he's in an antho that I'm also in that should be coming out later this year (was originally scheduled for last christmas)....he's a bit of a literary wild man, far as i can make out from the shorts I've read lol. We buddied up on Myspace a couple years ago; must check out more of his stuff.

At 12:42 am, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

he is absolutely insane, no question, but he is working an angle on the medium that, when i am in that particular mood, really hits me in a way that nothing else does currently


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