Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Release date: August 2009
Running time: 18+ minutes
File under: electronics, ambient synth folk, psychedelia, pop, home recording.

"Mallisto, founded in Helsinki by Christer Nuutinen (kb/v) and Jukka Vallisto (bg) in the mid-nineties, was active off and on for several years with slightly varying line-ups. Nuutinen and Jenni Rope (kb/v) were present in most of the incarnations, either as a duo or with Vallisto, and later with Ilja Karsikas on guitar.

"A year or so of semi-active live playing (at events ranging from ordinary club gigs to art-show openings and private house-warming parties in tiny student flats) gradually saw the band's output evolve from childish instrumental electro-pop to a peculiar lo-fi sound, mixing synth pop and psychedelia. The only recording to enter the public sphere during Mallisto’s active phase was the self-released EP "Polku", performed and produced in 2000 by Nuutinen and Rope as a duo.

"Quite sadly, as the band continued to further refine its trademark sound — finally maturing into their very own specific blend of Lofi Ambient Folk Pop — their active phase also seemed to slowly, but firmly grind to a halt. Today, not even the members of Mallisto themselves are sure if the group still exists.

"Juhannus 3008" compiles 5 tracks, originally recorded in separate sessions, during a timespan of almost 15 years, but still managing to sound coherent as a single, solid body of work.

"Here, a charming array of old electric pianos, organs and beautiful analog synths are paired with frail lullaby vocals and the occasional hand-picked guitar to a most enchanting effect. Melodies — melancholic, warm and inviting — hover mid-air, gently held afloat in the almost invisible, ethereal embrace of buzzing oscillators, reversed tape-loops and a strange kind of audible silence. The bands instantly recognisable sound is simultaneously both rich and humble, intimate and spacious."


Available (soon!) from here.


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