Thursday, July 30, 2009


Dracula Lewis: here.

Romania's best kept musical secret, apparently: "lo-fi space-psych-horror electronics dun w/ a broke/n mixer."

Thanks to Xavier for hipping me to this. He/z playing in Brussels tonight, but been locked in a cupboard all week w/ only a Barbie typewriter f/ company, so 'pologies for not mentioning this sooner.

This is nice stuff, Mr. L; 'simple', but effective: reminds what's-left-of-me of watching those old 1940's Universal Wolfman films w/ me mum on friday nites on Westward TV when I was a kid. A bag of crisps, a chocolate-bar and a tin of shandy. But w/out a Hollywood session-orchestra playing some sub-Toch trip. Twelve-tone 'Orror Movies, now that'd be something.

Also here, via Kick To Kill (which sounds like the sort of record-label that Martin Not-Implode might start up).


At 7:20 am, Blogger db said...

Jerry Goldsmith always considered himself a serial composer, and you can hear it in a lot of his 70s stuff -- I can't reccomend his score for The Illustrated Man enough, it's in my top five scores (with Baxter's "The Dunwich Horror", Morricone's "Guns for San Sebastian" and Burman's "Shalimar" -- the fifth slot varies between Jones's "In Cold Blood" and some of Nicolai's stuff, or maybe Popol Vuh, it's so hard to pick favorites...). Not that you don't already know all this...

At 4:03 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

okay, dracula lewis sounds awesome. when i can get on a cmputer without work-censors i will check it out fully. did you enjoy fantomas' "delirium cordia"?


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