Saturday, June 27, 2009


"Godland" is fucking brilliant. If you haven't picked it up before, then you really should; it works on so many levels, both surface and conceptual (that running *joke* thing on the letters page, etc, etc). Beautiful Cosmic Pop Art and eye-searing colouring; late-era Kirby Baroque dialogue that'll twist yr brain pretzelwise...

Don't get to go to comixshops v. often (n the printing-press hasn't even reached Yeovil yet), but always snag a copy of this when possible...

Joe Casey is a genius. Is he the most under-rated guy working in comics right now? No, don't answer that.

Not the Real Kid Kid Shirt (aged 8-and-a-thousand) loves it too; how many comics can unite dif. generations and sensibilities like that, huh?


At 11:19 pm, Blogger MilkManX said...

I too <3 g0dland. Check out my latest blog post concerning Tom Scioli. ;)


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