Saturday, June 13, 2009


Don't call it Wonky - call it Purple.

How cool would that be? - a musical genre named after a colour! Make it happen! (aving a senior moment here; a flashback to the musical heyday of Prince...)

Wotz 'e on about? Well, A Man Like Dan @danhancox in yesterday's paper on The Purple Sound of Bristol's Joker, Ginz, Gemmy, etc....

And let's not forget the excellent "Orchestral Lab"/"Way U Make Me Feel" single by Guido, that dropped a little back on the ever-excellent Punch Drunk, the label ran by Kid Shirt pal Peverelist... oh, and Gemmy's "Bass Transmitter", of course....

Some of it's creamy and hyper-caramelised, like pouring a whole bottle of Baileys straight into yr cranium; but some of it's games-console Toons ("Silken Bitch Wars") meets imaginary Futur.Tv theme-credits meets crack-addled 80s gangsta.nebishes in Some of it is Dubstep 2.1.2. Some of it sounds like The World's Famous Supreme Team meets UK-Garage filtered thru some theoretic narcotic w/ crystals the colour of potassium permanganate:

Are we seeing the re-psychedelicisation of Funk? The Clintonisation of Garage. P-Funk-Plus...? It comes from Bristol, so: B-Fonk. Purple is one of those in-between-scene words; I love it.

But what's great about Joker n Ginz's "Purple City" is that both sides clock in at around 2:30, the perfect length for a 7"...and it makes me think of one of those what-the-fuck moments you would have on a regular basis around '78, '79 - pulling a single out of a seven-inch box in a provincial small-town record-shop and hearing something by Thomas Leer, Robert Rental or The Normal, except these tracks have got Fonk or Swing or the echoes of a 2-Step Snap, a Reggae Chkkk, whatever... now we're seeing a generation of yng musicians that are inspired as much by post-8-bit games and games.soundtracks than any dancefloor Nuum, either real or imagined.

B-but the one's that sound best to these bruised old ears are the ones that sound like some retro.fictional theme-tune for something that never quite came to be. As much as Kek like dem creamy, vocoder'd, microdot-smeared Fonk splonks, he doth dig the starkly austere, stripped-back Neo-Retro Instrumental 'Realness' stuff as much as The New Eighties Baroque.

Still, it's all good; S'Purple, innit.

Etc, etc.

Anyway, always great to see Bristol getting rep'd. The Future starts Now.


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