Tuesday, June 16, 2009

*Briefly surfaces from a tangle of wires, mics, megaphones, etc (some sort of attempt at a 'rehearsal', apparently - which basically means making sure everything plugs in and works) *

Mentioned it before - and sorry to nag - buuut: just a gentle reminder that 'we', ie Ice Bird Spiral are playing The Croft in Bristol this thursday...

Burial Hex, man! Fuckin' Burial Hex!

As ever, yr support will be much appreciated. If you do come along, then try and rock some sort of 1920's care-in-the-community 'look', y'know orthopedic boots, trousers that don't fit, etc - it's a sort of Anti-Dandy Look. Errrm: The Cardiacs gone Small-Town Dada Cabaret In A Farmyard. Carboot Sale Surrealism. I'd like for this to catch on. Trust me, this look'll be big in about 15 years time. So, yeah, come in 'costume', freakos, and join in the fun.


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