Friday, June 19, 2009


Mentioned The Big Naturals before. (Yep, they're somewhere in here ). They were triffik in Trowbridge; loads heavier live than their studio incarnation. However, sad to say, they are no more; they've knocked it on the 'ead, but Gareth has teamed up with a new drummer - Jess - and bounced back w/ a new dual line-up. West Country Sludgefans have already dubbed them The New Big Naturals, tho Gareth and Jess seems to (temporarily) be the name on the poster...

The name debate seemed to be continuing while they were setting up, with various names being batted around. The soundcheck sounded pretty darn good, but Gareth was fretting: "We've only been practising for 3 weeks, some of my runs are a bit off..."

He needn't have worried; they were great.

For those of you unfamiliar w/ the score: Gareth plays lo-strung bass gtr thru a serious array of fx and a monstrous Ozzfest-sized amphenge of Marshalls and Oranges (set up in amongst the audience), bouncing off some fiery full-kit drumclatteration. (Holy Shades of Lightning Bolt, Robin!) They're so loud that even Cloudboy wore earplugs.

The music: errrm...they switchback between Stoner Doom and Hard Rock Sludge, but with some nice twisty, quasi-proggish time-signature changes interspersed with controlled feedback, percussive kitwank, electronic interventions, etc. Loved it.

Skipper Webb is a big old school 80's Hardcore fan and he dug them too.

G n J know when to riff down, when to grind, when to pump (oops, some unintentional sexual metaphoars there), when to squaawwk, etc. And great to see - my God! - a mixed-gender audience w/ girls in the crowd tossing their hair around and grooving; so not just bullish, macho boys n their toys musik, nosiree.

You really should check 'em, oh yes!

(Ghost Guitarist Alert!)

(Next Ish: the genius of Clay Ruby)


At 8:36 pm, Blogger Cloudboy said...

LOL - they were so seriously loud that my plugs actually popped straight out


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