Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To be honest, Kek oughta declare that he has no real interest in Star Wars (or Star Trek, etc) as such - the first two or three movies were good fun when they came out, but beyond that, was fun tripping to S/W IV every other weekend in the early 80s ("It's more yellow than last time" etc)....still, the whole mythology and the ever-increasing hypercomplexity of the S/W canon/non-canon r v. fascinating (tho also synapse-boggling) - and that's part of what he's trying to summon up w/ new fiction piece, the way S/Ws has exponentially snowballed until it became its own microreality; what if that somehow leaked out into the 'real' world n began absorbing elements of it into its own fictionmass? - creating a sort of Venn diagram overlap between the two. What if elements of 'our' own lives became non-Canonical?

So last couple posts were just info-dumping/thinking-out-loud, so that left n right-h sides of brain came into conjunctn thus enabling commencement of typing. Ha!

Anyway, this is all now up and running v. nicely, so thank you v. much for listening even tho it was mostly rhetorical thinking. Last piece of puzzle was provided by accidentally watching a documentary that slid the whole piece into a late 40s perspective. There's going to be quite a bit about, uh, carpentry in there too. And, no, not Harrison Ford.

All of wh/ leads (kinda) to:

Darren on being a geek in The Twenties/Thirties (Heh. I can hear you saying, "Why would you want to do that? What a terrible time to have lived - mass unemployment, tent cities, no health care, an 'every man for himself' culture, etc, etc." Sound strangely familiar?)

...and which itself neatly dovetails into a great little series of tweets a couple days back by W. Gibson on Atemporality, for example "Very creative people get atemporal early on. Are relatively unimpressed by the "now" factor, by latest things. Access the whole continuum."

Roger that!

Anyway, can't stand here yipping all day, The Fictional Gods of Fiction are riding me like a two-girl rhumba-loa right now. "Fire up the wyrd-processor!"


At 1:14 pm, Blogger Jason Gusmann said...

gave me an idea for an alternate pop culture history where "tor: the fighter from the future" is actually the touchstone that s/w became and a 6 movie mythology erupts from it. on second thought, maybe i'll write something else...

At 10:44 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

I think you should do this, Jason, if only to amuse me lol.

A future.mythos based round Tor - if you're up for doing this and can make it hypercomplex, entertaining and also, uh, touching in some way - and in less than, eeerm, 800 wrds (tall order!) then I'd def. like to read it for K-1/4....


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