Friday, May 15, 2009


The 2000th Kid Shirt post is a tribute to Old Skool Metal dude Thor.

I confess I'm curious to hear some of his early stuff as it was influenced by early 70's UK Glam. He was also tangentially alligned w/ the rockier edge of US Punk: covering "Search and Destroy" in a post-Dictators' style before finding a nice schlocky side-show Soft Metal niche in the 80's.

First up, Thor bends a metal bar with his teeth while his guitarist endulges in some serious fretwankery:

From 1977, the classic "Keep The Dogs Away":

"We Live To Rock!" (oh, yes, we surely do!):


At 5:32 am, Blogger db said...

You've seen Rock and Roll Nightmare, yeah? If not let me know and I'll include a copy with next mailing. Words literally fail.

At 8:30 am, Blogger kek-w said...

"At an old farmhouse, a family mysteriously dissapears at the hands of evil. Years later, hair metal band The Tritons comes to the farmhouse..." LOL!

I found a clip last week of Thor 'fighting' Satan and gang of cheap Muppet-style 'demons' while someone off-camera threw rubber starfish at him and the band played some Soft Spandex that from "Rock and Roll Nightmare"? I genuinely couldn't figure out what that film was meant to be lol.

At 11:46 am, Blogger db said...

Yessir. Imagine a movie that consists of 50% muppet murders and 50% endless shots of a custom van driving around Canada and you've got it.


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