Thursday, May 14, 2009


Specially for Mr. D. Bauler:

My local small-town paper - The Western Gazette - reviewed the latest Star Trek film, saying, "Kirk spends his time in Iowa, getting drunk in bars, hitting on women and starting fights."

I might go and see this. I don't like Star Trek, but the idea of setting one of the films entirely in Iowa appeals to me greatly. It sounds like a novel way of rebooting a faded franchaise.

The Western Gazette asked people coming out of the cinema what they thought of the film (these are genuine quotes from the article):

Fenn Roberts, aged 17, of Yeovil, said: "I found it a bit hard to follow, but the special effects were good."

Alan Powis of Scotland (who seems to have come all the way to Yeovil to see the film), aged 60, said: "It was a bit hard to follow in places, but I'll probably watch it again so that I don't miss anything."

The film is rated 12A.

JJ Abrahams is already preparing a sequel - Star trek 2. According to IDMB: "Kirk spends his time in Yeovil, getting drunk in bars, hitting on women and starting fights. It will also be a bit hard to follow."


At 5:43 am, Blogger db said...

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At 5:45 am, Blogger db said...

This is really no kidding on display in Riverville, Iowa (I've seen it):

Future Birthplace of James T. KirkLike most rural areas, we're more than happy to exploit the most tangential connection to celebrity, whether living, dead or fictional.

At 5:36 pm, Blogger Dominic Zero said...

Crikey, the first time I read that I thought you said Kirk was hitting women in bars. Now that would be a reboot.
Quite into JJ Abrams (apart from 'Lost')so do want to see it.
Only ever liked the Kirk Star Trek...all that followed was Toss.
Next Generation was a good cure for insomnia.

db - Went to Jupiter, FLA once and there's a Burt Reynolds Park, and possibly a Burt Reynolds Museum. How fucking cool is America.
If you go to Burnham On Sea I bet there isn't so much as a Ray Reardon car park or anything.

At 6:32 pm, Blogger kek-w said...


That's genius, Darren! There should be more tributes to fictional characters, I reckon. I think I might put in place a plan soon to remedy this...

I was up in Burnham a few weeks ago and there is a picture of Ray Reardon up in the post office.


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