Monday, May 18, 2009


Thanks to Martin from the Beyond the Implode blog who's been sending me mp3s of some old Swedish Punk and Post-Punk bands. We're both fans of The Leather Nun. Well, the early stuff.

Just been playing "Smittad" by Mizz Nobody: great to hear a flanged guitar on a Punk single lol; and then there's a cool Bluesy-ish breakdown that sounds like it leaked in from a back ish of Mojo or Classic Rock magazine. I'd kinda forgotten how up in the air things were back then; I remember seeing Penetration - in '78, I think - at one of the Bristol Poly sites and getting mashed on a bottle of sherry from an offie in St. Pauls with my mate John from Dudley...and being surprised at how 'Eavy they sounded live. It sounded like there was a Brummie Hard Rock band trying to climb out of the Punk riffage, if they'd slowed down a notch or so...I think there were a few greebos n bikers in the audience too.

Anyway - Mizz Nobody: it's a spiky slice of hi-velocity Punk-Pop.

But the real gems were the two sides of a 1979 single by Besökarna that he sent over.

"Anna Greta Leijons Ögon" is particularly brilliant, sounding like a weird Punk/Psych hybrid - a contender for some sort of New Wave Scando Nuggets comp. I'm picking up a weird blend of The Fall, Metal Urbaine and some lost pumped-up Farfisa organ 60's Garage-Rock classic. The B-Side - "31 Timmars Skrack" is pretty good too, more overtly Psych-ish.

To his credit, Martin was raving about this single to me ages ago; I really shoulda chased it down months back.

Yeah, I reckon this is great:


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