Friday, May 01, 2009


The lastest - and sad to say, final - ish of FACT has just hit the streets, feturing a whoppin' gert big piece by me on the fabulous Sublime Frequencies label.

Yes, 'tis the last issue, I'm afraid...but fear not, little ones, for - sad as I am to see the demise of my favourite music.inky - it was not a victim of Da Recesshun. Although my personal preference is always for analogue media, much big fun will continue to be had over on the newly expand'd FACT site, which seems to be carving a very nice little niche for itself and picking up a readership of kulchur-starved peeps (both young and old) at a rate of knots. The folks that run FACT bought out one of the last remaining vinyl pressing plants in the UK a while back, so I know their hearts're in the right place. FACT is produced by music fanatics for music fanatics. There's a couple biggish new pieces by me imminent - but don't let that put you off! - go'n check the site out if you haven't already; they've got some really excellent talent working for them, incl. some familiar names from the blogosphere.

And speaking of Sublime Frequencies, the SF Tour hits the UK any second now, courtesy of those lovely people at Qu Junktions:

Featuring Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh...miss this tour at your own peril! It's going to be one of the music highlights of the year. Chiz kindly invited me to host the audience-led Q&A w/ Alan Bishop, Hisham Mayet and Mark Gergis at The Cube in Bristol on Tuesday, 19th May, but sadly I can't make that one - it would have probably degenerated into total bedlam with me at the wheel lol - but it promises to be a great night with the SF crew telling up tales of their various musical treks into the unknown, along with a host of exclusive films and footage and music. You really should go! Hopefully, I'll be making the live show at The Fiddlers, Bristol, on sun 24th, so may well run into some of you at that.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of tasters for y'all:



At 2:37 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Unmissable indeed - trying to get Zoe to join us - she is scared she will end up dancing in a freaked out styleeee ....

I can drive - lets do it !!


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