Monday, April 27, 2009


Mr Olivetti reviews the "Psychiacmc Bloems" cassette by Ice Bird Spiral.

"On the latest IBS outing we are taken far from the confines of the world as we know it & find ourselves whirling in space; an abandoned far-flung listening-post in its tragic & lonely orbit. I am reminded of the scene in ‘The Man who fell to Earth’, where Earth broadcasts are intercepted & used for education, but unlike that & unlike Joe Meek who only heard music for one new world, here dozens are passing through the ether. From the slow-motion oscillations, metallic scree & pitiful deathly groan of a long dead system - where these sounds are the only surviving legacy - to a transmission from Earth, a radio soap of some kind, the perverse storyline giving away its origins as static ebbs & flows distorting the message. We hear a siren’s call at some point, the mellifluous yet alien tones accompanied by a stringed lullaby luring us to some unknown destiny. Others sound like they could be from Earth, but are they?

"Is there somewhere out there, a new-born galaxy forming as a distant echo of home? In other places the startled whinny of horses & the soft cry of babies present disturbing parallels with the destructive sounds of a system at war. Even a distant radio playing some ethereal drumless response to the Cure’s ‘Pornography’.

"These sounds are sprawling & incredibly varied, the juxtaposition of light & dark, gentle & harsh are all tied together by the overwhelming urge to communicate something & in a few cases just anything, with a deftness that keeps the listener intrigued & more than a little mesmerised."


At 4:47 am, Blogger jaysondensman said...

That's a hellafuck review! Now I can't goddamn wait to hear it!

At 8:23 am, Blogger kek-w said...

There's a copy coming yr way, along with some other stuff...!


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