Monday, April 13, 2009


Woke up and shaved my beard off. It's been a long time coming. Still...

Trouble is: I don't recognise the person who was hiding under all the fungus. Not sure if I like the look of him much, either.

Who is he? What's he got to do with me?

Why does he keep looking at me like that?

I didn't quite catch his name, but I didn't realise how fond I'd become of that beardy-looking fellow. He was fun; I enjoyed hanging out with him, but I knew deep down inside that he was just passing through. And one morning I'd wake up and he'd be gone.

But this new guy...I dunno...he looks a little bit too serious for my liking; looks like he means business. There's something in his eyes that says he won't put up with any shit. Maybe that's a good thing, but, well...

I kinda liked that other fellow.


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