Thursday, December 11, 2008

Looks like I might be DJ-ing at The Orange Box, Yeovil this coming saturday nite. And by DJ-ing, I mean playing records between various friends' bands. I think a 'proper' DJ - Dan - will be rounding the evening off, if I don't get booed-off first.

I'll be adapting a Rabbinical persona for this one, providing I can score a kippah/skullcap between then and now. I have a faux prayer-shawl, but I really need a kippah to off-set my beard. I tried or whatever it's called, but they would have to air-freight one in from Israel. Plus I wasn't happy contributing money to the Zionist War-Machine Economy. (Hmmm: expect a new comic-strip from me soon called "Zionist War-Machine"...actually, that might have legs - well, the Beit Oved Death-Box Walkers almost certainly would; ditto Golem Shrike-Force III) The Orange Box is in Tabernacle Lane, so this all feels kinda synchro-whatsis....

Not sure what I'm playing (it'll be CDs not vinyl *sob*), but the theme from "Minder" will feature heavily. And maybe some early 70's Afro-Rock.

The line-up is (basically, this is just an excuse to get pissed with some old mates) Spidireen, Untermensch Choir, (wh/ is James Williams (from Arse Slab) & our pal Shaggy), Les (who played some really nice electric Acid-Kraut licks with an early incarnation of Spidireen last Dec.) doing some blues stuff, Encyclopedia and Sunday West (John's brother Mike plus Sharon and Al Flint). And myself, of course - The Rock n Roll Rabbi.