Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So sorry to hear that fuzz-bass legend Hugh Hopper has been suffering from leukemia. There's a benefit gig for him at the 100 Club this sunday (14th Dec) featuring a line-up that will be of interest to folks who are into Canterbury, Prog, Jazz-Fusion, etc.


Avant.Art Superstar Jase Daniels checks in with a Zazzle sub-site from which you can buy prints n posters n t-shirts n mugs n stuff featuring his fabulous artwork. Now call me twisted ("You're twisted!") but it strikes me that Jase's art might make a rather wonderful xmas present for the special superfreak in yr life. Meditate on this a moment, my mutant children of the night, then reach for your mouse...two clicks is all it takes. You know I'm right - right?

And while yr at it, keep an eye out for this: