Sunday, November 30, 2008


Happy birthday to my friend Dom Zero, who's now so old that he's forced to use a walking-stick. He says it's because of a knee injury, but we know the real reason, don't we, readers?

Anyway, here's some Dennis Wheatley book covers to cheer him up. I know Dom's got the first one, but it will hopefully be new to K. Shirt readers.

The Royal Navy Vs. Voodoo, innit.

The astral-travellin' head is either trying to read the skipper's saucy letter from his wife or to hypnotise him (not sure which): "I waaaant yoooour booots....I waaaant yoooour booots...."


Some new product-objects that feature our Belgian pals from Buffle.

BUFFLE / Dead City Holograms / 7" / 5 eur (Available direct from the band)

"Three tracks building a cool mosaic of nervous and contemplative sounds, spacey distorted guitars and funny delayed keyboards, all intertwined in visionary and clumsy ways. Holographic music played by caveman kids. Recorded in 2007 and collectively edited. After tapes and cd-r on labels like Lal Lal Lal, Ultra Eczema, Breaking World Records, Dutch Beer, Historiaens… here comes Buffle's first vinyl release. 300 copies, colour sleeve collage by Bongo Man, painting by Philippe Gonay, insert, stamped labels... what else? Oh yeah! B-side ends on a locked groove. "

BUFFLE / Cavernicole / Relax Produzioni / tape / 4 eur

"In questa breve cassetta ascoltiamo un gruppo estremamente tranquillo. Prevalentemente pezzi acustici, con sonorità divertenti, come al solito con Buffle, ma qui il suono risulta più minuto del solito: rumori e dettagli sono organizzati sulle modalità molto cool di un blues quasi preistorico... Prima non c'era internet, prima non c'erano i CD, prima non c'era neanche l'elettricità... Comunque c'era l'umorismo, c'era la musica e c'era il piacere." (Available from Relax Prod.).

V.A. / Mirror Ball World Communication Center / Buffle Community Press / 44 page color zine / silkscreened cover / 7 eur

Drawings, photographs, collages by Ola Vasiljeva, Pak, George W. Myers, Anne Spencer, Sun OK Papi KO, Fabulator, Roope Eronen, Seljuk, Fyoelk, Anna Steinert, Hannah, Van Der Smissen, Esther, Buffle plus found pictures and more treasures... celebrating time traveling and intercontinental friendship. Homemade pseudo-silkscreened covers by Anne Spencer (every cover is different). 100 copies. Also available via the band.