Saturday, November 15, 2008


After name-checking The Yeovil Lemurian Society yesterday I got an email from, I mean Azaruus asking me if I could mention that they meet on the third thursday of each month at the Unitarian Hall, Goldcroft, Yeovil and anyone is welcome to come along. Their next meeting will be 8:00pm on 20th November. The guest speaker is Lawrence Fernney ("Aurora") from The Glastonbury Lemurian Society who'll be giving a talk on a network of secret Dero tunnels under The Mendip Hills...and Murok, the treasurer of the Yeovil chapter, will be unveiling his homemade Aethyric Radio which he hopes to use to communicate directly with The Space People. Coffee, tea and homemade cakes will be served afterwards.

Actually, Azaruus has got a cheek asking me to promote their meetings. They don't have a website as the group believe that the Murdoch-Google Continuum (the Internet to you) is inheritently evil and that Murdoch is actually The Black Aspect of the Anti-Satan, one of the many portents that signify impending Earthdeath. Actually, they might have a point there. But what really galls me is that I'm not an official member of The Yeovil Lemurian Society as Azaruus says (and I quote) that I have "the slanted, narrow eyes and thin, low-gravity bone structure that mark me out as a scion of Mu..." - which sounds like jew-baiting to me, but I don't think he was being that serious - so they won't let me join, which is a pisser as they get to wear silver cloaks to the meetings.

And there is no Yeovil Mu Society. Well, not yet.

Still, I went to one of their meetings back in the spring and it was a right laugh. Someone did this overhead-projector presentation which mainly consisted of badly-drawn pictures of The Lizard People that looked as if they'd been sketched by a child. Great stuff.

I am, however, a member of The Yeovil Horror-Kit Club, which long-term readers will remember that I've mentioned before. They meet in the back room of a cafe down on Sherborne Road. Because of work deadlines, kids, etc I don't get to go as often as I like, but it's great fun. There's some spotty Goth kids that make vampire puppets and models and stuff, and some older blokes who sculpt zombies or put together proper retail kits and customise them. There's this guy who's a bit older than me called Dave who makes these pervy Giger type things and sometimes we have a chat about the classic Aurora model-kits from the 60s.

Here's a fairly recent (and pretty rubbish) one that I call The Porror! It's based on my impression of what comic-book artist Kevin O'Neill actually looks like.

This was a bit better.