Saturday, November 08, 2008


Actually, I have loads of favourite cafes, but they shift in and out of focus depending on a whole bunch o'factors. But let's narrow the bandwiiiidth a bit and just zoom in on Yeovil. This is my favourite cafe at the moment; I particularly like going there with one or both of my's just, I dunno...special. I haven't had the free-time to go and do any writing in there...but it's high on my writing-spot wish-list. I wish it opened on sundays, tho. It's dark -really dark -even on the brightest of summer's days.

Fellow Yeovilllllians will instantly know where this is. But please don't say it's name out-loud; I don't want them to get all self-conscious and change a single thing about the place.

I went there with Kid Kid Kid Shirt ages ago for milkshake and chips (for her) and a pot o'black tea (for me) - tho certainly not for the first time - but had a particularly memorable n magical time...then, I tried n engineer'd situations where we could end up in there, just the kids and me. It feels like a bolt-hole. But now they actually ask me to take them there; I think they sense that I kinda seriously relax in some way...anyway, we were in there a couple weeks ago and they were playing Sabrina's "Girls, Girls, Girls" as I walked in and I felt myself just go *errrrmmmmummmnn* and my youngest just laughed - oh, look, Dad's gone all languid lol...

Today, all three of us ended up there for a crappy £1.90 kid's lunch type deal - more black tea for me, y'dig - and they were playing a James Brown track that I didn't recognise, followed by Hall & Oates and some late-90s UK Garage/pop Kid Kid Shirt removed all evidence of any vegetable contamination from her cheap microwave'd pizza they dropped some Howard Jones followed by a couple of old Jungle/Breakbeat tracks - all thru a hissy, tinny set of Goodmans speakers that really belong in a pimped-up Hillman Imp. What sort of fucking mix-tape set-up are they running here - this cafe should get it's own Blogariddim's set! Either way, much ketchup-splatter'd grinnage from da gurlz, followed by purchase of some Crazy Bones. ("They're waaaay cooler than marbles, Dad. My friend Robbie's into them - he's bored with sharks now.")

Sometimes we go to the Turkish Cafe, sit up straight, eat Posh Chips and pretend to be Guardian Readers even tho I'm starting to resemble Matt Valentine.

Life's good.

Some old photo's taken a few months ago - the place is positively gentrified now; you shoulda seen it 15 years ago.


Apologies for delay in reporting this, but scanner, CD-player and me have all been on the blink recently...

The MYMWLY triple-CD set "Hand Rolled Oblivion" arrives with an Ice Bird Spiral track - "Temperature Shanty" - in tow along with a zillion und a half pieces by folks like Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood, Aligator Crystal Moth, The North Sea, Snowfoxx, Soarwhole, Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, The Golden Oaks, 6Magik9, Futurians, Charles Curse, Terracid...well, they're the ones I'm familiar with, at least...but 53 tracks in total, all v. beautifully packaged, 'natch.

Still, this release is shrouded in a little bit o'sorrow, since MYMWLY have recently decided to call it a day. Things reached the logical end of the road, so time to pull down the hatch; tho I have a huge fondness and admiration for Michael and his pals, hand-crafting over a 100 releases, all special in their own way...the label put out the first Ice Bird Spiral material and have always been v. encouraging and supportative of our endeavours. The BOTOS/Golden Oaks split on Time-Lag was one of a handful of mid-decade releases that had quite an impact on rewiring my tastes back in 2004/2005...I have a very vivid memory of sitting listening to it the first few times out on the step - I can remember exactly the weather, the sunlight, how I some very strong personal associations there for me...

This comp. has been nearly 2 years coming together, so kudos to Michael for seeing his vision thru to the end. Buy it directly from here.

As Brad at Foxy Digitalis so elequently puts it: It's the bastard, red-headed step-child of the superb "Gold Leaf Branches" comp. that he put out - 2...3...? - years back. They're like weird book-ends these two releases, mutant noise-folk twins joined at the guitar-neck.

The MYMWLY back-catalogue is still available (for now!) from here, so grab yrself a slice of a future legend while ya can.

Meanwhile, Michael moves onwards n upwards to the PacificSoma Imprint, which'll be dedicated to larger CD runs, along with some (yay!) dry yer eyes and stop snifflin' at the back, you!


I love Dr. A's wonderful descriptions of the various 0003 contributrz (below):

An L After I, An N Before E:
ouija guitaristics from UK

Bryan Lewis Saunders (with murmurists) :
stand-up tragedy from USA

Comfy Rubbish:
found sounds ritualised from UK

Ice Bird Spiral:
psycho-industrial Fluxus from UK

Igor's Roomy Lab Coat (& friends):
a message from under the stares [sic] from UK

Inferno Speedgown:
broken operatics, drunken drums from USA

elegiac esoteria from Serbia

murmurists (& friends):
tripartite fahrenheit 452 from UK

Noise Research:
Our Manet in Pripyat from UK

One Minute Wanda:
old testament punktronica from UK

Prometheus (Unbound):
soundscape and cenotaphory from UK

rev. undRess Beton:
attenuated Camus as muniment from Germany

Robert Redford for Bedford:
hairshirt torchsinging from UK

disco onomatopoetics from Turkey

Tracy Lee Summers:
narcadia (with klaxon) from France

rev. undRess Beton is Jaan from Frankfurt (the Other Frankfurt!)...Hi Jaan! Jaan's a total dude n Ice Bird Spiral have done an as-yet unreleased track with him...