Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ages old, this: Andy Spore from Racooo-oo-oon. On Arbor.

Buy yr shit from these people.

Skin-divers and cats fight for dominance in some sub-ethereal hyperrealm. It's a Scribble-Art Mysticism Bag, man. A 4th-form music-club tackle Varese, but get the intonation and pacing wrong and fall into some sort of bee-in-yer-bonnet scattershot-rimshot riddim accompanied by a hoover, tho this is a good thing. No one wins.

Flip over: a similar hi-hat-led percussive riff gets dive-bombed by a Eddie van Halen tributee occasionally chumping-out thru a Mooger-Fooger filter, until he eventually sounds like a moped pulling up outside the off-license.

Oh, wait: there's another track: some sort of 78rpm Free-Jazz flap-around involving a balloon, Roland Kirk and a nest full of (increasingly rare, in the UK, at least) sparrows. It ends with a Zappa Snork.