Saturday, September 13, 2008


Return of Tha 'Bot!

I was soooo hoping he was gonna do a Jazz-Rock/Fusion Mix. I just had a feeling in me water that he might.

Actually, I just bought a Quad-Mix vinyl of Miles' "Live Evil" today.

(And the Mahavishnus are on perm. repeat-play round these parts.)

The Jewish Boy's Brigade.

But Eric Stewart wasn't a member.

Keep the 10cc (and related ephemera) Top-Tens and Posts coming!

I'm starting to assemble these for a post. But someone gave me one in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet which I've got on a flashstick and need to import, so probably won't be able to do that til monday, so plenty of time to send in some more Tens...

I got an anonymous email last night, asking if I might not be suffering from a Messiah Complex. This was mentioned to me a few years back when I first mooted the idea of my own Arbitrary Jewishness, so not entirely a new concept to me. I feel I should be worried about this in some way, but I'm not. Isn't that a sign of megalomania itself?

Anyway, the mailer suggested that my adoption (via a beard) of Kevin Godley as an Alter-Ego was probably based on some deep-rooted psychological insecurity (Sure, I've got a bunch of those - which one were you specifically thinking of?).

Godley = God, he pointed out. It was blindingly obviously to him that I was setting myself up as some all-powerful Blogging Father Figure. An over-compensation for flaws in my own inner psyche. Hmmm: sounds fairly plausible. Creme - gizmo - creme!

Actually, this theme sounds familiar, so I suspect one of my more, er, Psychologically-minded pals prob. came up with this one.

Freud - the father of mother-fixated psychoanalysis - was Jewish, wasn't he?