Saturday, September 06, 2008

So I've changed the name of the blog for a few days while The 10cc Project rolls onwards...

Keep the 10cc Top-Tens coming, people! - post them and send me the URL or email them in thru the special 10cc Hot-Line:

Getting some interesting cool posts appearing. Already the remit is getting nice n smeary...people are including solo tracks and offshoot projects (and Hot Legs!), as well as some peripheral info and thoughts...I'll be assembling all the links and stuff for a post. Deadline is next saturday, but I'll be extending this if the project picks up momentum.

Already, some odd things are starting to happen to people participating in the 10cc Working: Geoff had a Kevin Godley Moment at the airport...and today I went into town to score some Godley & Creme vinyl from a charity shop and passed what appeared to be a Native American Techno Party. I shot some video of the procedings, but I stupidly/accidentally filmed it at a 90 degree angle - still, I might post it up anyway! At the charity-shop the woman that served me was a self-harmer whose wrists were criss-crossed by old scars, along with some fresh scratches and slice wounds. She seemed zonked on medication. She didn't seem to understand how money worked or much else. It was pretty fucking surreal.

I also upgraded my battered copy of "How dare You!"to a better, less noisy £2.99 vinyl version.

I ought to do a Godley and Creme Top Ten at some point. But I'm really hoping someone will wade in and do a Wax Top Ten.