Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Given the lead times involved in writing this blog (the posts have to be sent on wax-sealed parchment via stagecoach through the fog-haunted back-lanes of South Somerset, past highwaymen, shambling Jacobian zombies, cryptozooic beasts, shaggy-ear'd Sherbourne-dwellers, etc until it reaches an ISP who can then pass it on using electricity...) there's often a delay of about a week between me indulging in a musical obsession and actually writing about it.

And so it is that my monstrous 10cc binge (and it was a really bad one: around 10.2 on the Klitschter Scale - that's a scale used to measure quasi-Jewish obsessiveness in music and the arts) has already subsided and been replaced by some other shit that, to be honest, was totally unexpected. People keep giving, loaning and sending me stuff - which is lovely - and, in this instance, has sent me off in some very odd directions.

Still, The 10cc Binge has left some odd psychic static in its wake: it created so many bizarre connections, linkages, associations into all sorts of non-10cc musical/cultural territories that I felt this legacy needed to be explored - along with a series of weird, unanswered questions that are orbiting my smoking cerebellum even as I write this. But when I started thinking about all this and scribbling notes for topics, I ran out of mental paper and the subject matter threatened to create a post of such monstrous proportions that the blogosphere would wobble on its very axis if I dared post it...plu-u-u-s: my writing schedule is in such a fragile state right now (along w/ my sanity) that I decided this blog and the near-future would not necessarily be the right forum/format for what I had in mind to write. So, major 10cc-related project in the offing, but not yet. However, if my plan falls thru, then it may yet see light of day here in a condensed form. We'll see.

Okaaaaaaaaaaay: in the meantime I had an idea in my comments box earlier...

Fellow bloggers, readers, pundits, casual passer-byers:

I'd like to see your own 10cc Top-tens, please! Yep, that's right, if you've got a blog or a website or whatever, then please post your own 10cc Top-Ten, then let me know and I'll put up a single post that includes links to all the 10cc Top-Tens.

It doesn't matter if you don't even like 10cc (they're def. an acquired taste!) or don't know anything about them or can't even think of ten songs by them or only know the singles or even just one song, 'cause that's not what this is about...

I'd still like you to do a 10cc Top-Ten - even if it's just one track or it's just a straight copy of mine - it doesn't matter. If you're a curious music-obsessive or an old fan who's fallen by the wayside, then have a nose around on-line - see what does or doesn't take yr fancy. If yr feeling frisky then buy some dirt-cheap 10cc vinyls from Oxfam. Woolworths are selling a 10cc CD comp (that's essentially most of the first two albums) for a quid! Or just do it from memory - or even make it up.

This is a sort of Group-Mind thing whereby we use 10cc as a sort of upside glass-tumbler on an ouija-board - I want you to all join hands across the digital universe, as many of you as possible and do a 10cc Top-Ten (in whatever way you see fit, and like I said: there doesn't even have to be ten songs in it, or just copy mine if you don't even know who 10cc are)...

And when you've posted your 10cc Top-Ten, then email me the URL of the post. After a suitable period of time (say, a week? Okay, say saturday week - that'll give us about 10 days: that feels kinda nicely symmetrical) I'll check the email address and put up a post containing links to each URL. It would be really great to have several hundred of you participate in this (tho I suspect it'll be just the usual 3 or 4 loonies) - to create a massive, but ridiculous cross-blog event...think of it as Dada or a piece of performance art or a flash-mob, but involving 10cc.

Art for Art's Sake!

I've even set up a Special 10cc Hot-Line that you can mail in your URLs in on:

If you don't have a blog, then write it on a piece of paper, photograph or scan it and send me the jpeg. Or send me a picture of you doing something weird with a 10cc cover or something similar.

It's magic, innit. Consider this a Working of some sort.

Don't hang up!


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