Sunday, August 17, 2008


Spotted Garry Bushell today, at Lyme Regis, pushing a wheelchair that held an elderly woman, possibly his mother? "Awww, 'e luvs 'is mum, Garry, dun't 'e?"

For those of you who have no idea who Garry Bushell is. In a nutshell, he was a writer for Sounds back in the day, and was probably best known for his championing of Ska and a 2nd/3rd-gen version of Brit Pub.Punk called Oi! He also managed The Cockney Rejects. In the UK he went on to become a well-known TV critic and eventually a TV presenter.

Garry has a website celebrating all things British...sorry, I mean English.

My wife, ever the sceptic, pointed out that it probably wasn't Garry Bushell because "there's so many blokes around these days that look like Garry Bushell."

Rather worryingly, she's got a point.

This got me thinking: if more and more men are starting to resemble Garry Bushell, then is it not concievable that Garry Bushell might be mankind's eventual evolutionary end-point? When I was growing up in the sixties, men from the year 1,000,000 a.d. were always depicted with enormous brains and tiny withered vestigial limbs - like The Mekon on brain-steroids. Am I alone in worrying that perhaps Future Man - Homo Superior - might in fact turn out to be a slightly dumpy Cockney with a beard? Surely, this is a sufficiently scary enuff concept for us to start a mass eugenics program immediately. These pseudo-Bushells must be eradicated from the gene-pool toot sweet!

Speaking of Oi! - I'm really hoping that Martin from the Beyond the Implode blog will finally do that mega definitive Oi! socio-chronology piece that we've always wanted him to do...or, even better, we should lobby Mark Fisher at Wire to run an Oi! Primer by Martin. We the music-loving general-public demand it.

While I was in Lyme I also scored this wonderful cassette:

"Martock Music" - LOL! great cover - it's like a lost early 70s Residents css - Martock is a village about 5/6 miles from Yeovil which has long been the butt of local monobrow jokes. Actually, Martock used to be really rough back in the 80s - these days it's a lot more gentrified: there's even a restaurant there where you can eat using cutlery.

Skipper Webb used to live over the chemists' shop in Martock in the early 80s. How on Earth did he ever survive? Thinking about it, he was always round our gaff in Seaton Road - lol.

Still, it got me thinking about what the Music of Martock would sound like - the real Music of Martock, not this obviously staged nonsense! - I've been imagining in my head some sort of primal Musique Brut, vicious-sounding Improv performed by biker-gangs using dustbin-lids, bike-chains and broken glass. Gaaah!

Anyway, further investigation of this cassette reveals that it was recorded/produced by (omg!) Martin Beresford - a name that will be familiar to people who survived the cataclysmic 80s Yeovil/Sherborne music scene. Well, that's his proto-Indie cred gone...waitaminute: he never had any lol. Martin "Bastie Beaumont" Beresford: that settles it - I'm gonna sample this tape, mangle it up and use it on an Ice Bird Spiral track. It's just got to be done!

The same junk shop also yielded up a fabulous cassette by Congolese Soukouss artist Youlou Mabiala et son Orch Kamikaze.

There's a wonderful post on Youlou here, over on the Africambience website. It dates the album as being 1982, but this tape clearly says 1980 - no idea whether this is a typo or the cassette just came out first.