Saturday, August 09, 2008


From Australia comes wanted to be a print 'zine, but circumstances conspired againsssst it...but somehow it punched its way thru the 4th Wall w/ floppy Surrealist fingers bedeck'd in boxing-gloves 'til it finally hit the streets, a year or so later than it meant to. One day it might be paper again, but 'til then it's PDF 'r nuffink.

Download the bugger here. There's mischief a'plenty onboard...poetry, fictshun, art n allsorts of wobbly illbegotten painted n collage'd nonesense. If centipede-babies're yr thing, then leave the washing-up 'til later on. Kate Bush, get yr trousers down!

There's a short 3-part prose-piece by meself entitled "Tripped Itch" that I did when I started writing fict again a couple years ago, along w/ a painting type thingy and (unusually for me these days) a pen n ink drawing...gah!

But don't let that put you off, there's some stuff by Matina in there too, wh/ is always a good thing.

Respeck' to Fred Xerox for getting it on and getting it out.