Monday, July 28, 2008


Competition Time (the one last year was a hoot! - can't remember who won it in the end)

A prize of £50 by PayPal from Nemonymous to the reader who guesses or assesses (by whatever means) the most correct authors of the stories in the CONE ZERO book...

The authors themselves are not eligible to enter.

Deadline: March 4th 2009 (when authors are due to be revealed).

If there is a tie, the prize will be shared.

The Editor’s decision is final.

Please write to bfitzworth (a-a-at) yahoo (do-o-t) co (do-o-t) uk with your choices. (Not my email, btw - Kek) If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your entry within a week, please try again.

You can enter the competition up to three times, but each entry will be treated separately.

The story titles:

· "The Fathomless World"

· "The Point of Oswald Masters"

· "Cone Zero" (page 23)

· "Cone Zero" (page 33)

· "Cone Zero, Sphere Zero"

· "An Oddly Quiet Street"

· "Always More Than You Know"

· "Cone Zero" (page 129)

· "Going Back For What Got Left Behind"

· "Cone Zero" (page 147)

· "The Cone Zero Ultimatum"

· "Angel Zero"

· "How To Kill An Hour"

· "To Let"

The authors in a random order:

Neil James Hudson
Colleen Anderson
Jeff Holland
John Grant
A.J. Kirby
Eric Schaller
S.D. Tullis
Stephen Bacon
Sean Parker
Dominy Clements
Bob Lock
Grant Wamack
David M Fitzpatrick


Mickey Z (author of "CPR for Dummies" talks about Lesser Evilism in a recent interview.

It's amazing to me how Barack Obama's media-spin-cabal have created this weird shimmery effect in which he's become a sort of human-mirror in which people see exactly what they want to see. Actually, just writing that line I realised (stupid after the fact, as usual) how easy it must be to exploit mass-desperation.

I think he's a cunt, to be honest. Whether he's a lesser cunt than John McCain is for you, dear reader/voter, to debate and decide, though ultimately the answer is pointless and the debate a waste of breath.

Can there be any act more despicable than offering the illusion of hope? It's what a professional torturer would do as he approaches his end-game. Except there's no end-game as the charade that we call democracy trundles ever onwards.

You know, I'm still haunted by that song: "Thiiiiings can only get beeeeetter!"

Obama, the ultimate PoMo politician. He borrows a little from here and a little from there, all the better to widen his demographic appeal: A one word sample ("Dream") from MLK; the youthful Kirby-Dot energy-crackle of JFK. And if this terrible era we inhabit is partially defined by the outsourcing of labour, education, health-care and even charity, then why not outsource your election campaign to the voters themselves? Despite probably having the biggest campaign budget ever, why not let other people do the whole damn thing for you...and for free! Nothing new in campaigns being staffed by volunteers, of course, except the scale.

Text-messaging, social-networks, blogs, Youtube, Lesser Evilism: he's a Man of Today is Ol' Obama!

A man for all seasons, for all hues and climes.

Hip and contemporary, too. I bet he hasn't got The Smiths on his iPod Nano. It'll be Beyonce and a whole bunch of other equally insincere "Post-Racial" performers.

Wow. Just look at that professional-looking Photoshop Sheen - the spectral airbrushed aura of Impending Greatness that surrounds him - it fair brings a tear to my eye!

Don Maclean was wrong. Today was the day the music died.


The Washing Line presents

A P P L E B L I M (Skull Disco / Apple Pips)
Saturday 2nd August


Camden, London NW1 0QT
Nearest tube: Camden Town
8pm-1.30am. £5