Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The third volume of the horror antho Red by Dawn turns up with one of my short stories in tow, dragging it across the grass by its hair while blood leaks from a jagged cut on its throat.

Yep, my contributor's copy turned up this morning an' mighty fine it is too. You really should check it out. No, really. Especially all you Old Folk who remember nicking yr dad's copy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories.

My own contribution is deliriously off-colour...and kinda grotesquely surreal. Ah, fuck it - it's pretty damn wild, actually! It's called "In The Cinema-Tree with Orbiting Heads." Form an orderly queue, ambulance-chasers.

Available from Adèle and those wonderful folks at Bloody Books (an imprint of Beautiful Books).

Or from Amazon. See how easy it is to buy these things: just one click...g'wan!