Monday, July 14, 2008


Something to amuse yrselves with while I have a bit of a lie-down:

So who is the most-est boring band/solo-artist in the world, then?

And I don't mean the most irritating or bland or outright, plain crap...but the most boring...let's see if we can nail some folks to the mast here - see if you can tick as many of the fucking dull-as-dishwater boxes as possible: live in concert, recordings, personality-wise, etc.

And let's not just go for the obvious fuckers: U2, Coldplay, etc...

Let's try for some that might be a bit more contentious, lol. I've had, ooooh, all of 25 seconds thought on this topic, mentally fast-flicking thru a list of instant-contenders that surfaced into the slow-cooker that used to be my cranium...Roisin Murphy, Faithless, Manic Street Preachers, blahblahblah...and rejecting them for either being last years news or not being quite as insomnia-solving as they could be...

Okay, so I'm gonna start the ball rolling w-w-with:

Massive Attack.

"Karmacoma," indeed. Zzzzzzzzz.

So, c'mon, feel free to fill up my comments-box w/ some snooze-inducing names...and that means you coy little lurkers whose psychik presence I sometimes detect flitting at the edge of my bloggo-vision - don't be shy, y'all, both barrels now...