Monday, June 30, 2008

Laughed me arse off a few minutes ago when I read that M.E.S. had allegedly physically assaulted members of The Cribs - apparently for hogging the limelight during a photo-shoot (!!!), but I like to think it was actually for the assorted quasi-plagiaristic (is that a word?) reasons mentioned in a post here a couple days back...


A hearty hello and thanks to our pal and musical ally Kemper Norton for taking the Ice Bird Spiral tune "Five Black Yachts For Jean" for a spin around Poole Harbour for a much-needed delousing and a dose of sunshine.

Poor ol' Jean has been locked away in his laudanum-addled garret for far too long. Good to see the old fellow out and about, mixing with people again.

We are much chuffed and flattered at the IBS HQ in Peatmore Pumping Station #2, Swineville.

The results of Kemper's unselfish labours - "Five White Yachts For Jean" - (as well as his/their other benign exercises in coastal slurtronics) can be heard here.

An unexpected and luminously lovely side-effect of that experiment in horizontal musical-socialism known as Classwar Karaoke.

Connections, connections: it's all about connections.


Me, on the recent, new Wire album, which I've mentioned a couple times here on Kid Shirt...


Best of luck to Abigail Portner from Rings, who's playing a solo-set tonight under her Drawlings moniker. She says: "I'm playing by myself tonight and totally terrified. Come out and hang..."

Invisible Conga People
Rob lowe
Soft circle

Death by Audio
49 south second btw. Wythe and Kent. Brooklyn, NY.

"I play first. 9pm."

Death by Audio make bespoke pedals n noise-generators: info here and here. That's some cool-looking pedals...