Saturday, June 28, 2008


The Cribs - "Hey Scenester":

KKS: "He shouts too much. Why does he always have to shout like that? I don't like him with the guitar. The bloke singing. I don't like his top, either. What do you think, dad?"

Me: "I think they ripped the title off of The Fall. In fact it sounds a bit like early Fall, but faster..."

KKS: "Yeah, yeah. And I don't like the shouting, either. And if I was there, I'd be at the back with headphones on and fingers in my ears, going: 'Stop shouting - we can heeeeeeeeeeear you!"

Candi Staton - "You Got The Love":

KKS: "I love her singing, but she got the chubby-nose!"

KKKS: "And she got tomato ketchup on her necklace. And brussel sprouts on her face! Hey - old maaan!"

MGMT: "Electric Feel":

KKS: (sings in a preposterously barbaric falsetto for 30 seconds, like The Bee-Gees covering a Butthole Surfers' song...) "That's just silly, singing like that. You quite like them, don't you, dad?"

Me: "Yeah, I do."

KKS: "Hmmm. Well, I don't."


One of our neighbours has just started playing the bag-pipes out in his garden....not sure where, exactly - several doors down, I think; maybe even quarter of a mile's hard to tell. I'm not imagining this - I heard it a couple evenings ago, echoing up thru the gardens on our street.

It's too random to be a recording...sounds like someone actually practicing.