Sunday, June 22, 2008


At this point, my 20 yr old Punk Rock former-self oozes straight out of my skin-pores like an astral-travellin' Ectogeist or a Ditko-drawn ish of Dr. Strange and spits on me or flips me the bird; he's packing his bags, see? - can't stand the stench of hypocrisy or corruption; I'm everything he hates; everything he hoped he'd bever become - and then he's off to see The Lurkers reform and play at Butlins.

At this point, the last three people that still read this blog sigh wearily and vow never to return. Lights go off in Weston-Super-Mare and there's a clearing in some woods near Mosterton where the birds suddenly stop singing and no animal will ever venture again.

Ahhhhhh, quit grumblin' and grow some c'jones, the lot of ya.

There's a whole bunch of reasons why we should celebrate the uber-brilliance of Demis Roussos:

He played on the frankly genius/bonkersly primal Greek Pre-Prog Post-Symphonic/apocalyptic double-vinyl wipe-out that was "666" by Aphrodite's Child. If you don't own a copy, then shame on ya!

He contributed to the "Blade Runner" soundtrack...

He was on TWA Flight 847 when it was hijacked by the Amal Movement (aka Hezbollah) and when they found out that Demis was on the plane they were soooo in awe of his cool that instead of executing him on the spot or demanding a massive ransom, they celebrated his birthday with him. Awwwwww...

And he, uh, appeared on the Basil Brush Show.

Okay, so maybe there's 2 or 3 zithery Greek 'oliday-soundtrack Granny-pleasers on this album, incl. the oddly eerie mega-million-sellin' title-track, but there's also some slightly off-kilter mellotron n moog-saturated ballads, as well as 2 or 3 really great up-beat funk and glam stompers. Not as brilliantly mental or off-the-wall as The Osmonds' "The Plan" (ye Gods - how could it be!?), but a sadly under-rated and somewhat quirky little LP that will appeal to folks who secretly enjoy the soundtrack to "Hair." This copy was almost pristiiiiine and only cost me a few pennies ("wonder why?" - Ed.).

Demis Roussos Fan-Club.


New album - check!

Hair weaves - check!

Botox - check!

Voice-coach and throat-quack check-up for vocal-chord polyps - check!

Daily pre-tour session in gym - check!

Korg Triton with classic 80s keyboard pre-sets - check!

Dry ice and wind-machine - check!

Long leather dust-coat and rolled-up jacket sleeves inna Miami Vice stylee - check!

Big-haired blonde in white mini-dress draped across bonnet of car - check!